About 2011 Workshop

About the 2011 Workshop

Over the course of 3 days, students learned movement, breath work and meditation techniques, and studied the effects of stress and trauma on the nervous system. Some participants were members of the Yoga Peace Club; others were students majoring in psychology and other health care professions with no yoga or meditation experience.

Each day was filled with new experiences and discovery. The students began to understand how subtle thoughts, both negative and positive, effect changes in the body, how specific breathing techniques can shift the balance and connection between the mind and body.

Participant Comments from the 2011 Workshop

  • This program came at a time when I surely needed it. I have been stressed and feel headaches but at this moment I feel okay… I lost my friend 4 days ago and was angry with everyone and everything but due to the fact that I attended this program it’s like my mind has been cleansed and now I can joke and engage myself with others and we laugh. I wish to invite you to come back 
  • This program made me realize the importance of working as a grou. Usually when I exercise I rarely notice what others are doing, and how one’s energy motivates others.  I hope to continue to use what I’ve learned to help myself and others in need.  God bless you!
  • Before it wasn’t easy for me to breath well but now I know well how to do it and use it. I am studying to be a social worker and this will be helpful to know how to enhance people’s well being and for Rwandan society in general. Thank you for all you have done   Keep it up – it is wonderful and helpful. Be blessed.
  • I am a member of the yoga club but I didn’t know how to do breathing and meditation. In this I feel very well in my head and very happy for it. I feel well in the parts of my body that felt bad.
  • I like this program and I think it will make a change in my life.
  • I will be a clinical psychologist and this experience will help me help people who present with trauma particularly during the commemoration period of the 1994 genocide in our country. The exercises will help me when I get stressed out and for reducing the stress of others. Thank you for this training.
  • As a personal observation, I realize that everybody was motivated and engaged in this program and it has made a change in the people who attended.  This shows that the work has been well done and the way of teaching was very good. It would be better if we could extend this workshop and train more people so we can make a project for helping people all over the country.