Darchei Shalom


The Rwandan Center For Mind-Body Balance
Offering healing modalities for the mind body and spirit
 Dedicated To Stopping Intergenerational Trauma as a Result of the 1994 Rwandan Genocide

Scientific research supports the positive effects of contemplative and yoga based- practices on the mind, body and spirit.

Suzanne Levy, one of our JHH members was in Kigali, Rwanda in 2011 to teach a 3-day workshop to provide trauma relief to 28 students at the National University. This was the culmination of a year’s partnership with Phocas Mazimpaka, the founder of the University’s Yoga Peace Club. Theprevious year they had met by chance at a village where Suzanne was teaching a yoga class connected to a JHH project to build privacy latrines for girls so they would continue their education.

On the last day Phocas was surprised to learn that Suzanne was a Jew. “So you understand,” he told her. This comment humbled her and allowed her more deeply to understand the power of her work on behalf of JHH.

Suzanne, made a commitment to return to Rwanda in 2012 to train members of the Darchei Shalom (Paths of Peace) project. Yoga teachers and health care providers will learn methods to reduce stress and trauma rooted in contemplative practices specifically designed to address cultural challenges. Jewish Helping Hands will support these efforts to help this new generation of educated, young survivors heal themselves and begin to rebuild and heal their country.

How You Can Help

Jewish Helping Hands is seeking support from those who understand the transformative effects of this work   Those in the yoga community, health professionals, and those who practice MBSR will especially understand how powerful your gift of financial support can be. For more about the 2011 workshop, click here.