Matnas – Extreme Sports at the Community Center

In discussions with Peretz, the Director of the Ramat Eliyahu Matnas (Community Center), the challenge of at-risk teens who are on the streets and involved in dangerous, anti-social activities was raised. Of the 750 teens, there are 200 in this group. Three strategies were developed with three different partners that were so appealing that they would draw the teens in. This is the second of the three.

One of JHH’s biggest successes was the partnership with Peretz and the Matnas in the creation of a group for Etgarim – extreme sports – and one for hip-hop dancing. Many girls loved the dancing, but it was the extreme sports program that really drew in the teens.

Hip-hop at the Community Center

Hip-hop at the Community Center

Extreme sports? These activities often involve speed, height, a high level of physical exertion, and highly specialized gear. Plus, wall-climbing and mountain bikes.

The first class drew 20 eager participants; there were 60 teens on the waiting list! Soon, there were 7 groups and almost 100 participants. This became a major focus of programming for at-risk teens. It helps to keep them away from drugs and in school. The Ramat Eliyahu Matnas has become the national center for extreme sports with other centers around the country coming there for consultations.