Family Promise Carbon County, Philadelphia

Located in the nearby Pocono region of Pennsylvania, Family Promise of Carbon County aids homeless and low income families by providing shelter, meals and living essentials.  Since the organization began in 2011, 28 families have gone through the program, including 37 adults and 25 children.  Family Promise maintains a guest house that provides a home base for the current program guests during the days, and local partners such as churches and community centers provide overnight housing as well as dinners.

The goal of the organization is to return the participating families to a stable home environment, allowing guests to stay in the program for a maximum of 90 days.  As a part of the program, guests participate in life skills courses, learning skills in money management, legal aid, and home economics among others.  Through the efforts of the small but dedicated staff and board, families who go through the program are able to move on to a permanent housing situation in an average of 50 days!