Hunger Relief International – HRI – Guatemala (Year 2)*

(* See Cookies, Water, Stoves, and Corn for a fuller description.)

We were hoping to be part of finding a permanent solution to the rural La46 community’s continuing water shortage, but there were too many obstacles in the way.

Instead, we are continuing to supply water filters as well as weekly delivery of trucks filled with water ($75 per week) to be matched by the Mayor. This will meet the full water needs of 100’s of people

La46 Women with water jugs

La46 Women with water jugs

We will also pay for the fabrication of twelve additional, safe stoves ($250 each), including stove pipes to remove the smoke and fumes from the residents’ homes.

“HRI is very appreciative for the partnership with JHH and the opportunity to reach more children and families with life-saving projects that help communities on their journey towards a better future. The wonderful people of La 46 constantly express their gratitude and commitment towards these projects.”

We have just learned, May, 2015, that HRI

“has been working with the Mayor of Cuilapa, the Government of Guatemala, the Embassy of Spain and now the Catholic Church on a large water project that will provide consistent and regular water to La 46 and to neighboring Los Chilitos. It is still a challenge but we have made tremendous headway in the last year and hopefully we will see the project take off in the next 6-8 months.”

This is the perfect conclusion to our work there!