Rwanda-Hands of Mothers Chicken; Cooperative

The Hands of Mothers, Baho Chicken/Egg Cooperative, brings together women who are HIV+, often as a result of rape during the 1994 genocide in Rwanda. The women had been part of an agricultural cooperative until the government took the land for other purposes.

With our support, their goal now is to purchase 250 high quality chickens that will be lovingly tended and roam freely. Their eggs will be sold to high-end Kigali. The income will enable them to make enough profit to support their families.

They hope to produce at last 200 eggs a day The first hen was laying by the beginning of April – 19 by the end of May! The goals of independence and self-sufficiency seem quite within their reach.

The women say that they enjoy working with the chickens. When they bring out something for them to drink, the chickens all gather around. It reminds the women of how their mothers, after working in the fields, would gather around to drink water together. And then they smile!