Tanzania – Go Drill

Go Drill International serves the Liwale District in the Lindi Region in the southern part of Tanzania, focusing on the one large town of Liwale and the surrounding small villages. These extremely remote areas struggle severely with poverty. While the Tanzanian national average for poverty cites that 68% of the population lives on less than $1.25 per day, our partner, Go Drill, has determined that of the population they reach, almost 97% live in poverty. Before any other needs such as medicine, education, or hygiene can be met, Go Drill recognizes that clean, safe water is the most crucial element to survive and thrive in Southeast Tanzania.

The objective of the current project is to install a fresh water well within a village that currently does not have access to clean water.  Go Drill will identify the site, drill, case, complete a borehole up to 100 meters deep, and install a concrete base with an India Mk II deepwell hand pump.  Founder and on-the-ground director Scott Placke, hires and trains an all local workforce to install and operate the wells.