About Us

Sometimes a little bit of help can make a big difference in someone’s life.

Jewish Helping Hands reaches out to needy and vulnerable populations, initiating projects to make a difference where help is most needed. Working both in the United States and abroad, JHH projects provide ground-level financial and hands-on support. In each community where we work, local residents determine what would be most helpful. JHH works by creating projects that make a tangible, substantial difference in the lives of people in need. These projects are accomplished with modest resources—both human and financial—that can be mustered realistically with a minimum of bureaucracy and red tape.

The needs have ranged from chickens for Ciudad Romero, El Salvador, to a Free Loan Society in Mendoza, Argentina, to a restored synagogue and Torah scroll for Zvenigorodka, Ukraine. Projects have included home building and rebuilding, micro-loans and providing meals and educational opportunities for children.

Jewish Helping Hands was founded in 2006 by Rabbi Joel Soffin (bio) and is committed to the work of tzedakah, justice and righteousness in the world. It continues in a more organized way the social action work that Rabbi Soffin initiated in more than 25 years as a congregational rabbi in New Jersey. Rabbi Soffin’s deep sensitivity for the poor of the world dates from the 1960s, when he lived in El Salvador, conducting research in economics as a PhD candidate at Yale University.

Jewish Helping Hands invites the participation and support of all those interested in joining in tikkun olam (repairing the world). Ideas for new projects come from anyone who can identify an unmet need, and who is interested in joining the process of addressing it.

Together we can make a real difference, one community at a time.