Philosophy and Approach

The work of Jewish Helping Hands is rooted in the Jewish principle of tikkun olam, the concept that we are called upon to be God’s partners in repairing what is broken in our world. These are our core principles:

  1. Every human being is created in the image of God, and is worthy of dignity and respect.
  2. Those who participate in this work are literally the hands of God and often feel God’s presence by their side as they do so.
  3. Each of us has mitzvot, Divine expectations, that we are uniquely able to meet as part of the process of tikkun olam, perfecting the world.
  4. The challenge is to discover what God has commanded us personally to do and in the process, to know the real meaning of our lives.
  5. In most cases, those in need themselves know what is necessary to create a decent life and a real community of mutual support. An important early step is to ask the question: how can we help?
  6. It is rarely necessary in a community to choose among tzedakah projects. The untapped resources are often far greater than we imagine and the necessary people power need but be released and harnessed more fully.
  7. Everyone is encouraged to seek out new projects for us and to join with us in easing the pain of others.
  8. People have a greater desire to help each other than is commonly realized.
  9. Helping those who live far away rarely causes people to forget the more local needs, quite the contrary.
  10. Those who help in one project are increasingly likely to help in others as well. People who make tzedakah a core passion and activity of their lives know that they have added unique meaning and holiness to their very beings and want to add more and more.